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Interest Groups...

The University of Chicago Alumni Club of Philadelphia serves all UChicago alumni (the College, the professional schools, the graduate divisions), parents, and friends in the Philadelphia region.  

Additional ways to engage with the University and the alumni community include:

Chicago Affinity Groups

The Alumni Association supports affinity groups as a means through which alumni can continue their association with the University of Chicago by engaging around shared professions, interests, and identities.  These Affinity Groups complement the work of our regional clubs, class councils, and professional alumni associations.  Currently existing affinity groups include the Chicago Women’s Alliance, the LGBT Alumni Group, the Military Affinity Group, the Association of Black Alumni, and the Life Sciences Alumni Group, among others.  We encourage you to visit the Chicago Affinity Group website to explore, join, and get involved with these groups.   

The Alumni Schools Committee
Alumni can actively support the Office of College Admissions' efforts to recruit incoming first-year and transfer students to the University of Chicago by volunteering with the Alumni Schools Committee.  Alumni volunteers conduct interviews of prospective students and serve as ambassadors of the University of Chicago at local college fairs and informal receptions. 

If you would like to interview prospective students in the Philadelphia area, contact Julie Brennan AB'96 at

Career Advancement Volunteer Opportunities
Alumni can contribute to the professional development of current students by serving as a mentor or practice interviewer, hosting students through externship or internship programs, or participating in any of the Career Advancement Office’s volunteer opportunities.

Reunion Committees and Class Councils

Alumni can connect with members of their class by serving as a member of their Reunion Committee or Class Council.